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Gallery of Student Work

  Dazzling Dogwood workshop, Auburn, CA Foothill Quilter’s Guild, Karren Lusignan, 2014  
  Petalicious by Janne Aird, Paso Robles, CA  
  Time to Fly II by Brenda Roach, Indiana  
  Wearable Art by Kathy Howard,Paso Robles, CA  
  Circle of Illusion by Sue Fiscalini, San Luis Obispo, CA  
  Arroyo Grande Rooster by Bev Rhodes, Arroyo Grande, CA  

American Vortex by Marilyn Hardy, Tyler, TX

Camarillo, CA Students - Circle of Illusion:
"Tropical Sunrise" by Joan Bruce:
"Bachelor's Button on Steroids" by Rene Jennings:
"Circle of Illusion" by Cindy Seitz Krug:
Santa Barbara, CA Coastal Quilters Guild - Circle workshop:
From "Empty Spools Seminar" at Asilomar, CA, April 2009:
"Yosemite Dogwood" by Karen Swift:
From "Dazzling Dogwoods" workshop:
From "Circle of Illusion" workshop:
"Solar Flare" is the work of Rene Jennings.
"Infinity" is the work of Nancy Ota, and is her original design made using the Circle of Illusion. Won Best Wall Quilt at the AQS show in 2006.
"Ethereal Illusion" is the work of Patty Latourell.
"Figuratively Grounded" is the work of Paula Lewis Shults.
From "Make Your Own Garden" workshop:
"Ooooh! Frankie!" by Susan Axelrod.
"Starfish Garden" by Paula Shults.
"Pitcher Plant" by Rene Jennings.
"Eggplant" by Margaret Coombs.