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Arashi Shibori (Pole-dyeing)
by Andi Perejda

Supply List


This workshop requires commercial sinks (at least two) and surfaces for wet work.

  • Rubber gloves (the farther up the arm they go, the better!)
  • Dry cleaner bags or similar plastic to protect table while painting with dyes.
  • A medium-sized sponge "brush."
  • Scissors, nothing special.
  • Apron
  • Four 2 - 3 inch diameter PVC pipes, about 18 - 24 inches long. The white ones are lighter weight and easier to handle than the black ones. I get these at the scrap section in plumbing dept. at Miner's.
  • Strong rubber bands, about 10 -12.
  • Ball of string, strong and fairly thin.
  • Plastic sacks to take wet fabric home in. You may want a few, to keep colors separated, since we can't use a washing machine at the class site. OR a couple of small buckets with lids to keep fabric in water and Synthrapol on the way home (messy)
  • A few clean-up rags (old towels are good)
  • Fine point Sharpie pen
  • Stapler and small piece of tyvek, such as from a mailing envelope
  • Five-gallon plastic buckets for dye solutions
  • PFD cotton fabric, 4 - 6 yards

Andi will supply dyes, soda ash and other chemicals for a kit fee of $10 per person.