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Dogwood Blossoms
by Andi Perejda

Supply List


  • Basic hand sewing supplies: Applique needles(sharps or betweens), small sharp scissors, any thread you like that matches fabric (I use #60 Mettler cotton or DMC)
  • White chalk pencil and silver pencil
  • Small, fine pins
  • One-half to one yard of white PFD cotton sateen or white cotton PFD fabric to make dogwood flower petals. If no PFD fabric is available, wash and iron white fabric. Please do not use "white-on-white" fabric! I will have a small amount of white sateen available in class for sale, if you need it. This fabric is available from Dharma Trading online.
  • Small scraps of dark magenta fabric for dogwood flowers.
  • A fat quarter of "background" fabric upon which to applique the blossom.
  • Flower-center fabric - a gold perhaps, small pieces are fine.
  • Small amounts of green, gold and/or brown seed beads (#8 or #11 size). A few bugle beads in green, also
  • One beading needle (long and very thin!)
  • Gray silamide beading thread (very small amount). I will have this available, too.
  • Prismacolor pencils: Indigo, Spring Green, Apple Green, Blush Pink, Deco Pink. (You will need one pink and one green, not both!) Michael's and art supply stores carry single pencils. If you have a set of Prismacolor pencils, these may already be in it. If local stores do not carry these colors, try DickBlick or ArtSupply Warehouse online. I will have a few extras, too, just in case.
  • A tabletop lamp if you need it.
  • Small iron

Additional dogwood patterns will be available in class for a small fee.